The Secret to Expanding Your Key Profit Drivers


This was an exercise we went through at the October Intensive. This is all my team is working on next year: The power of optimization. Looking at our existing lead sources, and focusing a little bit on some different lead sources. Digital farming is going to be big for us, just using the power of Facebook and YouTube to get traffic with direct offers. We're working with Vyral Marketing on most of this.

On the buyer side, we get so many yard sign calls and internet registration, but neither of them are actually leads. That's why I mentioned the click funnels. We are working on converting those into actual leads. What can we do to take someone who doesn't want to talk to someone to get the price of a home and don't want to have someone call them after they register on the site. How can we give them the experience, the education, and the content to have them truly raise their hand and want to be contacted by us. That's the next push on the buyer side.

On the listing side, it's a lot of digital farming focus and then we are looking at in person and on the phone in terms of our sales conversion. What we do works really well, but getting even better at what we do is the idea. Our actual sales conversions, getting more clients. Getting more money, we're doing some things there to offer more services to increase our commission on the listing side.

Helping our agent's get more transaction fees. I was a little bit farther down the path with my team in terms of transaction fees. If I had to do it over again, every fee would be collected every time, but that's not how we have it set up. We're switching over to that starting on the first of the year. That will be a doubling of fees into our business, which will give us more money to add more value to our clients and serve the whole virtual cycle we talked about at the event.

This year, transaction fees after agents, has been $148,000 to the company, which helps pay for some marketing chunks and a few people. It's significant income. Just giving our agents a more concrete value proposition on the listing side to help them get better listing commissions. And then just adding more value. This goes to the referral system that we talked about. We are putting together that structured sphere of influence, the business mastermind. Add more value, follow up, give more, and ultimately get more. That is all we are focusing on next year.

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