Kick Start Your New Year’s Resolutions With The 1 Year Planner


Before diving in, I’d like to remind you about the October Intensive session. We covered the idea planner. This exercise is something you should do personally and everyone on your team -- staff and agents -- should do as well. If you have one person or a hundred people on your team, take them through an hour or two planning meeting. I believe this one page is a true gift! What you write on this page is what will transpire over the next year.

The first step of this is to brainstorm through the main areas of your life, including your health, relationship, finances, faith, business, personal development, and any other areas you think are important to you. Write goals to set for yourself. Maybe identify 25 and narrow it down to 10 that are the most crucial. Take your team through this exercise, too. For each of these goals, write out why it’s important and add emotion. Draw lines to separate the first quarter. Feel free to get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions in December!

This is a cool exercise. I wanted to point it out since not all of you attended the session. Basically, you create a real-time document to reference all the time. Approximately, I suggest three of these should be professional while six should be personal. This process allows you to measure your goals and track your progress.

It’s important to write these things down. It’s the perfect time of year to do this with your team. They will look at your different after presenting these resources to them. Walk them through your planner sheets.

Personally, I have three business and seven personal one-year planners. I have one for my real estate and coaching companies in addition net worth, giving, faith, marriage, father, health, and “epic family adventure” goals. What are yours?

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