Keep It Simple & Quit Wasting Your Time Chasing Squirrels!


Most of you know that the systems you learn here are very, very basic. Most of you are going to resist the fact that the solutions are so simple, but they are! You have to pick a handful of marketing pillars and technology platforms and stick to them. Focusing your efforts on a few simple tools and strategies will ALWAYS win over constantly trying new things. Most agents are looking for a quick fix, the next best CRM, paperless platform, or lead generation platform. Don't fall into this crippling trap - you will constantly be losing momentum.

Think of the Darren Hardy example. If there is water three feet underground, you have to pump really hard to get the water to come out. You're pumping and pumping - you're pumping so hard you think your arm might fall off. And then, the water comes and you relax a bit while the water keeps coming steady. It's the same thing for new technology and marketing pillars in real estate; you need to commit to a few things and work them hard. If you take your hand off the pump, it's going to take a lot of work to get the water flowing again. It's exhausting to jump on and follow all the new things coming out every other day. You need to have you BS meter so high that you question every time someone comes up to you with "the next best thing." It's usually too good to be true.

This bit of information with pay for your entire B-School training if you take the fact that you can't chase every squirrel that comes your way to heart! You'll always be losing momentum if you keep shifting what you're doing to get business!

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