9 Key Leadership Principles and the Secret to Constant Growth


Today, I want to go through the 9 Emyth Principles.

1. Your Business is Inside You.
Overwhelm is the result of relating to our businesses as being bigger than we are, resulting in exhaustion and resignation to the status quo. The reason many business owners stay where they are is because its exhausting to fight the business. Once you realize you're bigger than your business, this tweak in how you relate to it makes all the difference.

2. Realness is Required.
We must get real with what we don't like about ourselves and our businesses so we can ignite our passion to change it; we can't change what we don't acknowledge and then accept as our current reality. Many of you bring yourselves into your business and it's not easy for you to look at how that might be impacting your business. If you have had five admin hires over the last year that all suck, is there something you could do better?

3. Change is Inside-Out.
We must hold ourselves accountable for very result, every effect of our action or inaction, helpful or harmful and hold our strengths and weaknesses as the root cause of it all. You are 100% in control of your destiny. Even when the market turns.

4. Meaning is not in Your Head.
A meaning-, rather than money-driven business is easy to feel, whether it's the client experience or employees feeling like they are a cog in some machine. When I started my team, it was definitely a transaction treadmill - I was willing to own up to it because I got myself out of it. I wasn't the best with clients. Your business has to have some bigger meaning.

5. Ownership is Not Equity.
Owners who become leaders by owning their choices establish credibility with their people. Everyone understands why the business and exists and what part they're playing in achieving its goals and reaching its vision.

6. Got Meta?
Looking for the root cause, rather than just the symptoms, of a business problem. Discovering the best system solutions for scaliing your business and creating predictable results.

7. Discomfort is Part of the Job.
True leaders seek out the uncomfortable truths and find the real reasons why they or their business is stagnating, the best leaders find comfort in reality whether it feels good or not.

8. Create Value, Not Work.
We must resist the temptation to get lost in the work that is easiest for you; we must lead by example in all 3 roles, you are always training everyone around you.

9. Systems are a means.
The combination of replicability (systems) and the human spirit (people) produces a result that is great than either one could produce on their own, the client experience is the only true measure of business success.

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