Creating a Killer Sales Process


I want to cover a process all of you should be doing. The whole point with sales, and we know this as agents, it's really a consultative process; there is no hard close. If you really serve your clients and position yourself properly going into a buyer consult or a listing appointment, you're going to get the sale if it's the right appointment.

The goal of an optimized sales process is a responsive, confident customer who recognizes that value of your product and an inevitable sale. More often than not, selling is more convincing, cajoling, and struggling against resistance. Selling focuses on your and what you need; if you're thinking about what you need to do next to make the sale, you are not focused on the customer. This mindset helps us to be present with our customers and serving them rather than moving them along a sales funnel.

Think about your services from the customers' perspective. Give them what they need and you won't have to sell. Typical selling focuses on short horizon and a single transaction. You want a relationship and that's what customers want too. You want to maximize lifetime value and ask yourself whether the process is going to deliver an experience that the client is going to appreciate.

Customers are made, not born. You'll create a customer every time you use a needs-based selling system that delivers the emotional impact and credibility your prospects need to be comfortable with their purchase. That means they have to experience the sincerity of your intentions and believe what you say; you must really be focused on their needs.

Your selling process speaks volumes about your intentions; if customers are pressured, pushed, or manipulated, they'll know your selling process serves you and not them. As crazy as it sounds, you have to become indifferent to the sale and focus instead on the process; do the best job you can of accommodating your prospects' decision making needs and let the chips fall where they may.

If you've done your job well, you'll have communicated your intention to create a long term relationship dedicated to satisfying your customers' needs. Bottom line: you'll convert a high percentage of your leads to customers and they'll know that you've made it your business to put their needs ahead of your own.

Ask yourself where you are now. Establishing a baseline is an important first step before you dive into innovating your sale process; don't skip this step - it's the basis for the work that follows. Another pitfall is the belief that it's impossible to systematize sales - people often say it's too individualized or too relationship, skills, or personality driven. Just as with other areas of your business, there are patterns of action and thought that repeat themselves over and over.

There are patterns in how your customers act and think and how you or your people respond to prospective customers, some of which work better than others. By getting a clear picture of your current sales process - where it begins, where it ends, and the mains steps in between - we will be able to design an optimal sales process.

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