A Powerful 7 Step Listing Appointment Process


So we’re going to shift gears here to a listing system topic: the listing appointment process. Regardless if you’re going on the appointment or if the listing partner is going, you need some sort of process or systematic way, especially if you’re going on one and want to get something out of it. Maybe you’re going to five or ten a week. Still, don’t think you shouldn’t systematize the process of listings, just because you’re not going to 550 listing appointments like we are. You should absolutely systematize this process because as you scale, it becomes easier to secure good listings at the right price. It’s going to be easier for you to step out of this process as well.

Establish Authority

Alright, so it’s absolutely necessary to establish authority before you go out to the appointment. In a perfect world, you would have someone else do the pre-appointment interview. In the drive, there’s a seller info sheet and a seller phone consultation. There’s a few forms for you to pull information from prior to going in the home. You want to position the person that’s going to be meeting with the sellers, whether it’s in your office or in their home, with authority, or the person that doesn’t necessarily have the time to complete everything involved in real estate. Think of the highest paid surgeon you know. You’re not going to have a chance of meeting with them until you call the office, or even meet with your primary care provider and get referred.

They do business the way they want to. By the time you get to that skilled person, you’re going to want to listen to everything they say. You want to position yourself in a position of authority before showing up for the appointment. Don’t forget to use a listing appointment tracker to make sure the things you want happen and a pre-appointment listing action plan. Make sure you log that appointment somewhere, somehow.

Pre-Sell Them on Your Services

Pre-sell them on your services with pre-listing material. We also send out brownies from send out cards. We have sent as many as five or six things in the pre-listing packet. These are all in drive: the resume, individual flyers from endorsements, pricing guide, and cover letter. We’re gonna trim that a little bit and hold some things to send out if we don’t get the listing on the first appointment. We make sure to thank clients for the business opportunity. If they get it before we met, they’re happy and if they get it after, they’re still happy if we sign. If we leave without a signature, they’re still happy because they got brownies and we left an impression. Our admin send those thank-you cards out.

Build Rapport

When you get to the home, you want to have some systematic way you do all the time. You have a certain way of building rapport. You want to focus on becoming their friends. It drives me crazy how we get out-friended by agents that sell nine or ten homes a year, that claim to be a neighborhood expert and go in to try to be a friend. Focus on building rapport and being their friend like How to Win Friends and Influence People, the book. We’re gonna sit down at the kitchen table, not the living room.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

Demonstrate your expertise by getting them a little bit dizzy on market stats. We use market metrics and absorption analysis with the equity eval. You can do local MLS stats and pull out some slides from KCM. We actually don’t go through the equity eval there, but that’s gives them a sample of what it looks like before we going into the market presentation.

Listing Marketing Presentation

Then you want to go through some sort of marketing presentation. Danny can re-create the one we have for you. It works pretty well. I like having a “click the button” type of presentation because it keeps you on point. When you look to get out of listings, it makes it easy to train someone on that.

I’ve used other systems. Two other coaching companies have a place mat systems, where it’s work like a place mat. It’s worked out okay when I was doing listings, but they didn’t work well when other people were in my place. I like having this, even if it’s long, you can speed through it to get along. I can go through our 62-page listing presentation in fifteen to thirty minutes or more if they ask questions.

Have Your Paperwork in Order

You then transition and agree on a price based upon a pricing and commission structure. Are you comfortable with us handling the property? Yes, great, you can get into the paperwork. Have your listing packets ready to go.


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