The Myth of Multi Tasking and How to Stop Doing it


I want to get to a few very cool tools about productivity. I really like Dan Kennedy’s definition of productivity.
“The deliberate, strategic investment of your time, talent, intelligence, energy resources, and opportunities in a manner calculated to move you measurably closer to meaningful goals.”
So a lot of times when you look at how your day was spent, it’s not being productive.

How much did you actually produce in a day? What did you actually produce in a day?

I want to share with you my planning. Every Monday at 11am, I do a 30 minute session where I look at my strategic projects - 12 for my real estate company, and 10-11 projects for my coaching company. I review that list, and then I go into my week in terms of what three crucial results I want this week.

It’s similar to the Multiplier Projects and Dominate Your Day (DYD) tools, but three things that have to happen this week, and then I list out action items I’m going to take on my strategic projects.

DYD is a simplified version of what I do, but it’s definitely a good method.

Just spend some time at the beginning of the week, possibly Sunday evening for you. I plan my week on Mondays.

Your “morning ritual” should include time to plan out your Top 6 for the day so there are limited surprises - build in buffer for “office” work but don’t let it take over. This should take roughly 6 hours.

You need to work with an intentional plan of action. This is the area I think I’ve done my best at. Most of you are probably better at different aspects of the real estate business (listing homes, working with buyers, showing homes, etc.) - I don’t think I’m the best at those, but I’ve always been deliberate with how I spend my time. This is especially important when you’re looking to do more than do transactions.

Make appointments for everything! Most of you get that multitasking is a myth. If you multi-task, you’ve got to eliminate it right now because you can only do one thing at once.

So there is no multi-tasking; it’s an impossibility. You’re less efficient when you're multi-tasking, so you’ve got to give it up forever. Single-tasking is the only way to get things accomplished.

We’re doing “Insane Productivity” training as a team. He challenged my agents to actually work on something for 90 minutes without distraction, and some weren’t able to do it.

90% of us, including me, have a million different distractions like your phone, your email, Facebook, Amazon, your spouse or an agent interrupts your day, etc.

There are all these things that take you away from your task, and your ability to focus on your DYD and top tasks for the day is all that matters.

So block 90 minutes at a time. Work within your ability to focus at maximum productivity. You’ve got to limit your email and cell phone access - turn off your email, give your cell phone to your admin, and do whatever it takes to get that distraction out of your world.

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