Use This Powerful Listing Addendum Every Time


Let me show you the listing addendum real quick. The addendum to listing agreement has a few things in it which make it extremely powerful.

The first thing is the pricing strategy. We don't put the actual prices in here, but are putting Tbd, tbd, tbd. We say, Mr. Seller, we understand we are going to cheat a little bit on the high side, and go in at $275K, even though the data supports $250-260K. Every 30 days, we are going to have a conversation. We review the market metrics pricing analysis, which tells us that if we don't get interest right out of the gate, we've got to reduce our price to meet the market. We will have conversations about price every 30 days.

If you're unhappy for whatever reason, our one day listing allows you to cancel this agreement. Give us the opportunity to fix the problem, its important we serve you at the highest level.

The transaction cost, which is part of your closing costs, the fee is $695 payable to RE/MAX Real Estate Experts. It's for the internal processing of your transaction and in addition to our commission.

If for any reason, we don't have your listing sold in 6 months, this extends our agreement so we don't miss any days on market.

We review market conditions, we let you know the market is shifting.

We will have you initial here against our advice at $259K, you've decided to list a little on the high side. That is a toll that for the pricing strategy to set the tone, The cancellation guarantee is huge. I think everyone should release their clients unconditionally if you're not going to do a good job. If they want to fire you for whatever reason, you have to let them fire you. You can't have a scared mentality. Sellers aren't going to drop you for sneaky reasoning. It doesn't happen to you when you do a good job.

An additional commission is another key. It's in addition to our commission. You should be charging transaction fees at this level. This is a very, very powerful document.

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