Happy Holidays from Real Estate B-School!


Merry Christmas to my loyal Real Estate B-School community and followers. I just want to take a minute here to say thank you for the positive feedback that I’ve received this year.

Putting out this newsletter is a major effort for my team and I. The goal is really to add as much value as possible. Realizing this, I’ve got about 10,000-plus folks that are receiving our newsletter at this point, and the goal is not to make every one of you clients.

For some of you, there’s an opportunity to take action and to take a next step with me. So we have Real Estate B-School Online, Real Estate B-School Coaching, and even a high-level mastermind called Real Estate Boardroom.

But the point of the newsletter is to add as much value into the real estate marketplace to help and serve all of you better, so hopefully I’ve achieved that message this year.

We’re looking to do even more next year; I’m adding a weekly “TV show,” a 10-15 minute live TV show in addition to the weekly newsletter.

I’m looking to add more value in terms of transforming the real estate industry and re-defining how it really looks to run a true real estate business.

I just want to give you all props and honor you for seeing the world a little differently. Even just consuming the tidbits of stuff that come out in the newsletter and implementing some of the tools that we use in my business.

We just had a banner year - The Lars Group did $115 million of volume, up from $72 million last year. So, the market has been good to us, we’ve been growing aggressively, and the best is yet to come in our world. We’re looking to share more successes with you there.

Stay plugged in to the newsletter, the TV show, and stay engaged. If there’s ever a chance that I could help you or serve you at a deeper level, just connect for a strategy session, or jump online to RealEstateBSchool.com and order B-School Online.

Much love to all of you. Spend some time with your family, reconnect with friends, and be present in your interactions.

You may have deals going on and a lot of drama in your life, but slow down a little bit and be present with your children, your spouse, your friends and your family.

Much love, and we’ll talk to next week before New Year’s!


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