The Agent Performance Agreement Will Push Your Agents' Production to the Next Level


Some of you haven't gone through this process yet. We're calling it the Agent Performance Agreement. It's in the Drive under "team" and "training."

This is the time of year you are doing this with your agents and having them sign new position agreements.

Every year, we look at the position agreement a bit differently. Go into an Excel file and put your company, you vision, your mission, your core values, your core commitments, and your core habits and rituals. All of this is straight out of the 30-day buyer specialist fast start program. I would make that document your own, even if you aren't in recruiting mode, and make your current agents go through it. The top part of the APA comes right out of there, so there is alignment there.

This is essentially about what you're expecting from your agents. If the sales budget is 24 and the push is 30, you're going to enter that. It's a very manual thing, so you just have to go through the whole thing. Your budget is perfect two a month. You're going to go through, and that adds up to 24, and if you're going to push them to 36, then it's just three a month. You're going to do this for each of your agents.

This document becomes Schedule D of your position agreement. You're keeping track of how they are against their committed goals. You can also track where their business is coming from in Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4. Set goals for how much business you want them to get from each lead source and then record the actual numbers they achieve.

Then you have different rewards for agents who achieve and exceed their goals. We have a reward trip to Mexico and a $1,000 cash bonus if certain things are achieved.

Lastly, we have the Professional Development Plan where we have agents read books and do other things that contribute to a personal professional development plan in order to help with agent career path alignment and objectives.

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