How to Build a Lead Generation Strategy for Long-Term Results


Lead Generation is about offering a promise of what your business will deliver in such compelling terms that potential customers in your target market are moved to take action. Your lead generation activities must create curiosity and excitement, and broadcast the offer your business makes in a way that's irresistible to your target market. To do that, your message must speak to your probable customer's needs and desires in the way they will hear best. Then your message must be communicated through channels that are best suited to your message and are already a part of your customer's lives.

To create an irresistible offer, you must get prospects to take action. Your offer must be the one heard over all other competitors' offers. There are over 9,000 Realtors in Charlotte, so how will you make an offer that nobody else can beat? You'd be surprised at how few people are actually making offers at the general public.

Getting inside the head of a buyer online is difficult. What kind of offer will you make to get them to take action? This offer should target key frustrations, and it should provide a risk-free solution. Ideally, it's an offer that satisfies as many purchase-decision needs that the only need left to meet in your lead-generation process is the sales transaction.

The aim is to shape your business to do one thing that immediately differentiates your business. The process should create curiosity, excitement, and action. We've done a better job with this, but a lot of us have really disparate lead generation practices with no consistent messages.

Too many businesses treat lead generation as a mixture of isolated activities and are frustrated by the lack of results. Your campaign should be tightly integrated and highly orchestrated. If your strategy is fragmented, your results will be too. If your campaign is tightly orchestrated, the multiplier effect kicks in and you will get exponential impact in persuasive power in your market. The message your customers see in your ads has to be reinforced by what they read in your mailers, see on your signs, or hear by word of mouth.

Before innovating in any way, you need to take a baseline reading of where you're at with your lead generation. You need a thoughtful strategy that is meant for long-term results. Ideally, this should bring in ever-increasing amounts of qualified leads.

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