Increase Your Dial Number with Accountability and a Reward System


To increase the effectiveness of your sales process, you have to increase the number of contacts being made. How can you do this? You could use a dialer, you could time block, or you could have a 'call night'. You can also make it fun and incentivize your agents to dial more. Hold a contest to see who can get the most dials and reward them.

I think the best times to make calls are around the hours of 8-9 a.m. and 4-5 p.m. I find that people are more likely to answer during these hours. It also helps to space out the blocks so you don't get too drained.

The main thing you need to start doing is being accountable for making your calls. Set up a punishment for yourself if you don't hit your goals. Another strategy is to add your family and friends to your call lists to make sure they're referring you. This also might give you something to look forward to while dialing. I get lots of people at my events that say they've referred a lot of people to me, but my sheets tell a different story. This is partially my fault, but you have to be really deliberate about these things.

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