The Key to Stellar Seller Client Servicing


Let's get into Seller Client Servicing. Damon Gettier and I had a call recently and the gist of the call was, "Our market is tough. We're carrying a lot of inventory and they are not selling." Once you get inventory, you put it through the process. Weekly calls, 30-day market reviews.

I challenged Damon and said, "I bet you're not pushing your clients hard enough into what the reality is in the market. You're not even giving your clients a chance to have their home sell because you're not challenging them with good data and telling them what it takes to get a home sold. Damon, share the experience that your listing partners got once you challenged them in this area.

"We sat down, did our meeting, and went through our inventory. I gave them a list of stuff I wanted reduced, which was probably half of the listings. We had 68,69 listings at the time and I said I wanted to reduce half of them that week. We probably reduced 20 of them, anywhere from $5k to $25k price adjustments. We ended up selling 10 in 8 days."

That's it. One thing I forgot. Damon, for whatever reason, wasn't having a set. His listing partner is required to meet on Tuesday mornings at 9am from 9-10 to go through listing appointments from the prior week and all of the active listings, and come up with a plan for how those listings are going to sell. Damon was more focused on securing listings, but a little less focused on having a weekly rhythm about how these listings are going to sell.

Whether you have 5-10 listings or 100+, having a systematic approach to working through this stuff is the only way to show a seller that you're fulfilling your promise and doing your best to sell their home. 

When you list and the showings don’t happen, you don't even want to make those phone calls. I get it, I've been to closings 6 months after I've met somebody and I didn't know which side of the closing table was mine. I've had people cancel their listings with me or listings expire, and I've made one or two phone calls to them in 6 months. I know the way not to service a client, but the only way to systematically convert a listing into a closed listing is just to work them. Anything else to share, Damon?

"I guess the biggest thing is, we were in a habit of collecting listings and keeping 100 listings on inventory. That really isn't the goal. The goal is to turn them, so we are trying to concentrate on turning them every 60-70 days, when our market average is about 7 months. It takes work ,it takes pushing people out of their comfort zone."

Bottom line, I had a coach tell me once that if the seller has a motivation to sell, you take that listing at any price. Don't fight with them too hard if they have a real reason to move. You can be open, honest, and not mislead them in the pricing strategy process, but you don't want another person to list that home and get it at the right price. You don't want to fight them too hard at the beginning.

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