Become a Master Delegator With This Accountability Chart

The Accountability Chart

Today we are going to answer a question regarding accountability and team structure. This is based on the book I've talked about, Traction and Rocket Fuel. A lot of you have read Rocket Fuel, the whole visionary integrated combination, and if you have that combination of people, that's rocket fuel for a company. This is the accountability chart, a chapter in Traction that we've come up with, four functions in our business.

A marketing manager, we don't have a full-time marketing person right now, we have Jessica working in marketing and finance. Sales manager, operations manager, visionary, which is me, and integrator, which is a CEO.

A CEO, GM, or COO, the person running the company. If you are acting as the integrator and the visionary, you'll be the guy responsible for big ideas, vision culture, content creation, and big relationships in addition to leading, managing, and holding everyone else in your company accountable. Consistent communication, you are in charge of profitability, and managing the P+L, removing obstacles and barriers, special projects, driving the business plan, and upholding the culture.

Sales manager is next. Anyone managing people has an element of lead manager accountability. Driving revenue, this is the sole point person for revenue. When you set a goal to sell $50 million worth of real estate, this is the person that has to deliver on it. Training, problem solving, mentoring, running sales contests, goal setting, that sort of thing. Our ISA's, listing agents, and buyer's agent will fall under this person once we get the ultimate structure set up.

Operations manager. The reason we set up marketing, sales, operations, and finance is the flow. Marketing manager has to be able to generate business and lead for the company, as high quality as possible. Then the sales function has to be able to convert those leads into loyalty agreements or listing agreements signed, where they are actually clients of the company, then operations takes over. There's a degree of LMA in there, about customer satisfaction, systems processes, world-class service, process management, support enhanced team efficiencies.

There's an element in operations manager that we need to make sure that as a lead's generated, it's handed over to sales in a way that is efficient and nothing falls through the cracks. The same thing when sales gets a client to say yes, a listing client or a buyer client, then operations takes over. Then finance counts the money. We are gonna have our person, Jessica, do the business tracker, weekly deposits, all of our check cutting, vendor management, budget reporting, run payroll, end of month bonuses.

There is a ton of stuff that either I or Chari does that this person's going to do, so we are looking for a new marketing manager as well. I think you're going to be the visionary/CEO. I think you have an operations manager in your world, the one you were talking about earlier today. And you're hoping Alex is going to end up being your sales manger. I think you have an operations manager or a prospect there. Alex can hopefully step into more of a sales manager, driving revenue, recruiting/training type stuff and then you can be visionary CEO. Hopefully that's helpful.

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