Differentiate Your Business from Competition with an Impactful USP

Your Unique Selling Proposition


For a powerful USP, make sure that it ties into the most emotionally stimulating elements of your Positioning Strategy. It should be short and directed at a target market. It should be a vague phrase but it shouldn't leave room for imagination. Convey a positive feeling, give it impact, and avoid defining your product as a commodity.

Also focus on a promise of emotional gratification, and make it consistent with the components of your Positioning Strategy. Think about the buyers and sellers in your market and think about what they would want to hear and how you could give it to them.

Your Positioning Statement restates and expands on the promised gratification of your USP. It uses more literal terms and concrete language that will resonate with the people in your market. It will also focus on emotional gratification rather than product details. It will also elaborate on the USP to draw customer interest by redefining your services in an emotionally appealing way. Finally, this forms a bridge to all of your other marketing and advertising communications.

Your Positioning Statement should have three elements:

  • You need to identify your product and redefine it in a way that sets it apart.
  • You'll then need to describe the problem that your service solves.
  • After this you have to describe the results that your services can achieve for the customer.

Positioning happens whether you try for it or not. Customers will position you if you don't do so yourself, and if you position carelessly, you can create opposite perceptions from those that you want. When all is said and done, your positioning is what initially turns a customer's head in your direction.

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