Nurture Prospective Buyers with A Long-Term Strategy

6 Month Home Buyer Nurture Campaign


Scott asks the question, "Do you use a 6-month nurturing buyer campaign in the Google Drive? If so, do you implement it into a Boomtown campaign? Just trying to get plans and best practices set up in Boomtown."

Let me pull up my Boomtown here. For those of you that have any lead gen platform, most of them have a sharing library. You can see the Top 25 Plans, see how many people are on the plan, and what success rate they've been getting. So Scott, for you, we still run the same exact drip plans that are in the Drive.

This one here, the Buyer Email Drip Sequences, we use. This document here is called 6-month home buyer nurture campaign. Before you were in Real Estate B-School, I had Frank build out a 6-month email nurture sequence for the group. It was a smaller group at the time. I don't run this; I know there are people in the group that are running this, but I have not run this.

I like this sequence because it's more personalized than some of the emails that I run. Because you have Boomtown, you can test the response rate. I would load these into your Boomtown as a separate sequence, maybe of you shift them to nurture or watch that his would trip, but I would test the response of this campaign.

It was written by Frank, who is an excellent copywriter. And copy writing is very expensive. You would probably use this for new or to qualify. I'm in the process of paying people to write email copy for me and it's very expensive. This is a valuable document, I just haven't gotten around to putting it in. This is the year of optimizing our internet lead conversion, so hopefully that's helpful.

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