Empower Your Team to Track Crucial Activities

Transcript [Kyle Kirchhoff]:

Let me make a transition to talking a little bit about buyer process. We’ve made some changes as an organization this year around the buyer process. I definitely want to spend some time unpacking that.

Let’s start with weekly activity as a success tracker. On the success tracker, I get a lot of questions around like, “Hey, are you guys still using the weekly success tracker?” We’re using the paper version. Absolutely, we are. This accounts for when buyer’s agents make their calls, do all the activity that it takes to be wildly successful in this business. This is the tool they’re taking notes on and marking up. It’s the easiest way to track it daily and consistently. The answer is yes, we’re definitely still using the paper version of this, not the online version anymore. I want to bring clarity to that, but this tool is so golden.

We have a lot of newer people on the call. Track everything from hours prospecting to hours following up. Sometimes, people will ask the difference between prospecting and following up. Following up involves someone you’ve had a conversation or communication with; prospecting involves someone that another agent hasn’t had communication with.

On here, we track buyer appointments set, held or met, as well as signed loyalty agreements. We track social media posts. What I love about this tool are the tick marks. The agents are going through and when they’re time blocking, they sit down and simply track how many types of calls they’ve had. How many prospecting calls have they had? Following up? How many referrals do they bring into the company? How many notecards are they pushing out? What about open house leads?

This is a power tool. If you're not using it, definitely do. If you are utilizing it, double down on this tool to empower your team and your agents to track their crucial activities.

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