Reach Your Database Through Digital Farming

Let me tell you guys a little bit about the power of the stuff that I'm doing with Vyral Marketing. Now, Vyral is not the only firm that can do this, I just think the value they provide for the investment is ridiculous. I do believe video marketing has to be a part of your efforts. It's 24 of our 60 touches in the "Raving Fan" program. You also get a recruiting blog with them.

I have no affiliate relationship with them or anything, but the work they are doing on digital farming is great. Every month, they are running two ads. We are in sort of an accountability group, a mastermind group with other people who are doing digital farming. I just call it digital farming. We don't have a ton of money toward it now, I think it's less than $1,000 a month. I ran the Barbara Corcoran shark tank commercial, which when I did it originally, I remember thinking it had a 50/50 chance of even making me the money I invested in it.

I really like Shark Tank and thought it would be cool. In 15 months, I had one person come up to me that wasn't on my team and tell me they saw me on Shark Tank. Two weeks into this digital farming, just at my gym, three people said they saw my Barbara Corcoran commercial. I had people come up to me and say they saw me on Instagram. I don't even have the app. This is just a way to get impressions and have people consume your education-based content on a regular basis through social media platforms.

Vyral has gone through growth spurts in the quality of their success coaches. If you have problems, ask to talk to John McMillian, who runs the operations in Omaha. I have a personal relationship with the CEO, Frank. I just really believe that the effort they are putting into digital farming will go very, very far. There is stuff we are going to be doing with expired's and FSBO's that will be able to get our stuff in front of them through our digital farming efforts with Vyral. It's not even the next thing, it's definitely here and has been here for a long time. I would definitely look into that and put some effort into that.

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