Pinpoint Your Best Source of Referrals

The advocate for your business is your best source of referrals. You need to identify these people and treat them differently. You could just take some special notes on this person in Top Producer. It's as simple as that. First, though, you must identify who these people are.

You need to go through with your team and handpick these people. Maybe 100 or so at a time. If it's your met-database, this ratio of advocates to non-advocate should be 12:2. Keep in mind that everyone in your customer database is a potential advocate. You have to look at the whole world and not just your database.

You can evaluate a potential advocate with these two criteria: 1) how satisfied they are with you 2) how many other people they know who are potential clients. It follows that your best advocates are people that you have served well, and that also know a lot of other people in your area.

You also need to remind your agents to use the proper scripting when they speak to people on the phone. Specifically, they need to ask: "Who else do you know that we can offer this great service to?" They need to ask this question to every single contact that they have.

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