Streamline Your Home Selling Client Experience With This Simple Document

Today, we focus on streamlining and improving the client experience by moving towards your model with your listing coordinator and buyer coordinator. To take your clients "from cradle to grave," you need to have a job description for your listing and buyer coordinators, as well as specific details about what each should be doing.

In the Drive, if you type in "c2c," you'll get all the documents. It is what the split between what my buyer client care person does -- buyer client care is a loose term on this side of the business because our buyer person only does closings. Her job only starts when she gets a contract submitted to her. You'll find her job description, the emails she sends out, and what the buyer specialist's duties.

This is the "Contract to Closing" form that we use when she starts. When she gets it filled out properly, she can pretty much close the file without any additional paperwork. There is also a checklist she uses; closing files requirements where she can send out a red alert if something is missing; a document to send out to attorneys before they can send out a sheet to us; tips to writing an offer; and many other things used on the job.

This is a pretty cool document. She has all her emails in there. This is the package she goes through buyer's agents. Her utilities provider list is there, as well as the survey they're sent afterwards. It took her forever to put together.

On the listing coordinator side, it's probably pretty close to what your listing coordinator is doing right now, except they close the file. We don't have one for that yet, but I'll make that happen with all the emails and all that she does so that there is a similar packet in there for that. I'll be sure to post it in the group once it's complete.

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