Why Pehr Black Hired Lars Hedenborg

How did you first hear about Lars?

I've been watching him the last year or so through Vyral Marketing. His videos were superior to a lot of the other videos I was seeing.

Why did you decide to reach out when you did?

Frank (Klesitz) and I talk once a month, and I have doubled my business since. I hired a prospector and all those things and asked him about a month ago to find someone who is building their business. He thought Lars would be good because he has built these things up and is a real systems-minded guy and I'm not. He said I need this whether I like it or not and I really need to get with Lars and get systems in place so I'm not working 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. I met with Lars on the phone a week or two ago and as I look at all this stuff, I think it's really what I'm missing. How do I get leverage, get good people to help me, and build my business? At the same time, what do I do if I want another office?

Describe where your business is at right now.

Last year, I did 65 transactions: 70% listings, 30% buyers. I had a GCI of around $400,000. I've got an assistant that works Monday through Friday, 6 hours a day. I've got a part-time buyers rep to help me prospect on the phones and go on listings. My sales volume last year was 19.1 million, and the year before was 10 million. My business is exploding at the seams, and Lars bringing all this new stuff to the table with technology we need to get tied into my next phase. I pump it out pretty good and could probably keep going, but I want to be able to continue to do what I do with less time and put all these systems in place.

After getting over the initial hurdles, what does success look like to you with this program?

I want to double my business this year. I want to do $40 million and 130 transactions, as well as double my income. I want to get it down to a science, so I can decide in my 2nd year where I want to open my second office, probably in Santa Monica.

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