Why Sandie Hea Hired Lars Hedenborg

How did you first hear about Lars?

It was last year some time. I got a lot of emails, but just ignored them. I did reach out to somebody that told me [Lars] was great, and then I let it go. This past weekend, I was looking through a bunch of Vyral videos, and came across Lars. I thought he was the real deal, so I started researching him and read everything about him and all his testimonials. I signed up for the strategic call and couldn't wait for someone to call me to get signed up.

What made you make that leap and reach out when you did?

I think it was his whole idea of having the B-School. After I saw the video with him and Frank (Klesitz), I went on and looked at your B-School site. I've always been a proponent of looking at this as a business, not just selling houses. It needs to be something I can walk away from in 5-7 years and still have income coming in.

Where is your business at right now?

Not where I want it to be, it's way down from where it was at the height of the market. I used to have a team, and then I didn't when the market turned down. Now I'm realizing I don't want to do this myself, and now I'm ready to get back in and build this business up like I know I can do it. I want to be able to walk away from this in 7 years. I love to travel and that's important to me, so I am in the process of hiring an assistant, and following whatever Lars says to do.

Could you explain a little more what success in this program looks like to you?

Being able to live somewhere else for a few weeks. If I want to go to the lake and stay there for a few weeks, I want to have boots on the ground here in St. Louis that can do what I've been doing for 29 years. I like to travel world-wide a lot so being able to be gone for a few weeks at a time without having to be connected to the office is ideal to me.

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