Move Your Business Forward with Multiplier Projects


Multiplier projects are projects that will significantly move your business forward. However, you have to implement them and stay disciplined enough to keep using them.

Things like Raving Fan Clubs, direct response campaigns, mailer campaigns, or Vyral Marketing’s system are all example of multiplier projects that can boost your business. Even just organizing your database and reaching out to people in it would be a simple example of a multiplier campaign. 

You can access my form on Google sheets and I encourage you to use it in order to track your progress with these projects. The sheet asks you what you want to accomplish, what difference it’s going to make, what a good result would look like, the best & worst outcomes, etc. It’s a way to analyze if you should keep doing the project or if it’s not working - whether you should cut it out and move forward. If you have an admin, I would make them fill out this form and track it.

These projects are rocks in your business. If you stick to these projects on a daily basis, you will be able to find ways to improve your business. If one project doesn’t work, then you’ve learned something valuable and you’ll just move on to the next one.

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