How to Capture Buyers and Sellers Before You Meet Them


We’re trying to duplicate what we do on the listing side and do that on the buyer side. We set up an info sheet every time we find a seller, and we’re trying to do that same thing on the buyer side. We try to make a big deal when this happens. When we have this appointment set for our buyers, we have started to do something different. We have buyer packets for them, and you’ll want these ready for buyers to grab when you meet them.

Doing a buyer presentation right when you meet with one may not be the ideal time to perform one. A buyer packet or a booklet will probably be fine. Our buyer presentation is just printed in the booklet. Another document that we use is the Buyer Road Map. This will help guide them through the transaction and it’s more of an educational packet than anything. 

On the listing side I don’t think it really matters what you send out. You have to decide to send some sort of pre-list packet, though. I use the Maximum Payoff Guide, and that has worked for me since 2010. You should find something similar and send out 1-2 things in a pre-list packet. Pricing guides work well, too, but just add something of value that could start a conversation with the seller.

The 151 Step VIP Seller Program is popular throughout the country, but you might want something a little more personalized. You don’t need anything too fancy, it’s just very important that you send something out ahead of the appointment.

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