When Should You Reach out to New Leads for the Best Results?


Sandy asks, "For web leads, Firepoint can set it up to go round robin to go all buyer specialists and ISAs, so we're doing that instead of OT." As long as you're getting the five-minute response time, you should be in good shape.

To qualify a lead, you should call between 8-9am or 4-5pm. Why? Well, according to the MIT Lead Response Study, these times have a much higher success rate. The third best time is between 9am and 10am, so we highly recommend doing your prospecting between 8-10am. If you miss a few contacts in the early period of the day, you can always try them later in the day. You and your whole team should read through this study so you have a good idea of the evidence behind this strategy.

The challenge with round robin is that if agents don't respond within five minutes, the chances that that lead is contacted go down tremendously. No matter how hard you try, the number of times contact with a lead is attempted are not very high. I think that's the amazing part of the study. The key thing is getting in touch with leads within five minutes, and then following up with them in the key times of days that we discussed above.

The challenge is getting the agents to own the leads as if they paid for them themselves.

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