Do You Suffer From a Lack of Follow Through?


The Shadow Side of Leadership

I've taken this assessment twice, and the first time I took it it was really depressing. All the questions are very negative, and you know if you're answering "yes" then you're a loser. So there's no intention to beat yourself up over any of this. But to move past upward and onward in your business, you have to identify these "shadows".

I'm going to go through each one, and I just want it to be a little fun and get some interaction.


Anyone have over 70% score for under-responsibility. Strengths include being free spirited, creative, and spontaneous. That should ring true for those of you who raised your hands.

Don't think this test is absolute, but when I talk about the different points here, see if it rings true for you.

Distorted beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors include a lack of follow through, outer direction of frustration, commitment avoidance, and victimhood.

Some questions for you to consider:
  • Do you do what you say you will?
  • Do your employees make excuses?
  • Is there a "culture of blame" on your team?
Key Transformations for the Under-Responsible:
  • Surrender to self-management, just being aware that you have to manage yourself
  • Be willing to look at yourself
  • Finding freedom within responsibility and structure

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