Is Your Lack of Leadership Hindering Your Business?


Of all the training I've been to - and I've probably spent upwards of $600,000 on different training and coaching - not a lot of it covered leadership. Even at business school, I got a Duke MBA and they didn't cover leadership all that much.

Leadership is the one topic that puts everything into perspective and gives us the ability to really have a sustainable business. I get it, we're all entrepreneurs trying to generate leads and close deals. This is a slow-down kind of thing that develops over a long period of time. This is a 20-year thing that we're embarking on together.

In my businesses, I have been challenged with leadership. I've seen both businesses almost be hindered by leadership. So personally I feel that if the guy you're looking at for advice is feeling challenged with leadership, then I need to make sure that you really slow down and really invest in this on a continual basis.

It's not a quick study - scripts, objections, taking listings, etc. are all easy to master compared to becoming a leader that people choose to follow. This really requires you to look at who you are, and it's not that pretty.

We do a quarterly survey called Engagement Multiplier. It's anonymous feedback from our team, and it's brutally honest, so I'm not even allowed to look at it. Chari and Jessica will tell me what I have to cover based on those results.

You'll make mistakes, and it takes time. My challenge for all of you is to embark on a lifelong journey with me starting today to make the study of leadership your most important topic of study.

John Maxwell has an example of leadership in his book. He was doing a seminar, and there was a young guy taking notes in the front row and John brought him up on stage. He said in 5 years you'll be doing a little better, 10 years you'll be at a certain point, 15 years you might start to get this stuff, and then at year 20 is when you're going to have your real impact.

So this is not a quick thing. I want to plant the seed today that all you just take back in your lives and realize that if you're really going to impact lives now is the time to do it. Because in the grand scheme of things, we're all doing ok financially.

No one's really suffering; some people go through challenges and we we share those and work through them, but in the grand scheme of things were not struggling like 97% the world is struggling. The thing that we're blessed with most is our ability to impact the lives we touch. I see that more now.

I've never been the touchy-feely, you know, "we helped you buy your dream home," but I feel it more with my team members. Your ability to step in and lead them without frustration without impatience and just lead them to do better things.

So are you guys up for this lifelong journey? Real leadership is being the person others will gladly incompetently follow.

You don't want to be that guy that people just stay with you because you're providing leads or it's a decent job; you want to be the guy or girl that people want to follow. It's a little easier now because homes are selling pretty easy. But when times turn, hopefully demographics are gonna play in our favor where millennials are going to save the baby boomersbut when the market turns that's when your leadership really needs to show up. We're having some challenges on our buyer side of my business and it really requires someone to step in and truly lift up folks who are doubting themselves.

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