Avoid These Mistakes When Hiring a Buyers Agent


Today I’m just going to go through buyer agent hiring. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past and hired a lot of bad fits, so this list here is an amalgamation of all my mistakes. There is a document in the drive called "Need a Buyer’s Agent, Start Here." 

To start, you really want to hire someone who is the primary income earner, and also someone who wants to make a significant income. You don’t want a young guy who just wants to make $40,000 and stop there. You want someone who wants to make $140,000 and on up. You want to make sure that they want to make at least $100,000. 

Also hire someone who is willing to do what it takes to be successful. Look at their record of accomplishments and make sure they’re continuing to achieve different things. They should have been student council president or captain of the track team. Look for people that can demonstrate their achievements. 

You also need someone that’s not going to question you or your ability to make them successful. This is why you can’t hire too many D’s, because they’re dominant personalities and they like to challenge others. Find someone that can adhere to your system and be accountable for their actions. Find someone who wants to be part of a team, but not someone who wants to lead a team. 

I’d also recommend someone that comes with no personal drama. Real estate can sometimes be a storm, and you need someone who is in the eye of the storm, and not part of the storm itself. Deals are always going to go sideways, it’s just part of the job, but you have to keep your cool. 

Lastly, I’d recommend against hiring your typical ‘veteran’ agent. They can tend to be set in their own ways, and they may not want to dial into your systems. You need someone who is able to commit to your system and work the way that you need them to.

Veteran agents are sometimes unwilling to buy into new systems and they can end up causing problems and discord. If you do hire a veteran, make sure that they’re willing to continue learning and growing within the bounds of your business.

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