One Simple Tool to Allow You to Exit Your Business Much Faster


Find the buyer info sheet in your Drive. Just type in ‘Buyer Info Sheet’ to find it. These should be printed in yellow and given to all of your buyer’s agents. This is what they should be using when they set a buyer appointment. They send it to you and the person who is updating the business tracker. The yellow sheet should go around the office in the same way the listing sheet did. 

A big deal should happen when an appointment is set, and we’re actually sending out brownies now when the buyer side as well. We’re modeling the same thing that we’re doing on the listing side. When an appointment is set, everyone would get this form, and the appt. would be put in the tracker. Once per week, we should get an update on all of the appointments that haven’t been updated. When the buyer signs, they should be sent the VIP buyer loyalty agreement. This should go into the tracker and the status of the appointment should be updated. 

Watch the example as I fill it out on the spreadsheet. Be careful to track the set, met, and signed dates for your buyer leads. There is nothing more important in your business than knowing if you’re going out and meeting buyers and sellers. If you’re a smaller business owner, putting this into place now will pay dividends as your team grows. If I had this tool, it absolutely would’ve changed my business and I probably could have made an exit much quicker.

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