How to Envision Your Company's Future


When I was in my business five days of week, the Law of the Picture was something I was very strong at. I was able to prospect for new business, lead the team, do marketing, and a bunch of other roles, and lead by example as a result.

People do what people see. When leaders show the way with their right actions, their followers copy their good example and succeed. Great leaders are both highly visionary and highly practical. Take kids for example: It doesn’t really matter what you tell them because there’s a very high chance of them doing what you do. People are more likely to follow someone’s actions than they are their words.

The vision of a leader helps them see beyond the immediate. They can envision what’s coming and what must be done. They posses an understanding how mission provides purpose, answering the question, Why? Vision provides a picture, answering the question, What? And strategy provides a plan, answering the question, How? Followers are always watching what you do, and your actions are what sets the precedent for how they are to act. 

The bottom line is that there is nothing more convincing than living out what you say you believe. It’s easier to teach what’s right than to do what’s right, but that’s why practicing what you preach is such a rare and important character trait. It’s one that is found in leaders of all shapes and sizes.

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