This is How Often You Should Contact Your Sphere of Influence


Sphere of Influence

How often should you reach out and stay in touch with past clients and/or sphere of influence? I like the 90-day, once a quarter touchpoint. It works really, really well. The power in that, and what makes it low-hanging fruit, is the consistency of it.

Nothing is better than a face-to-face meeting. Grabbing a quick cup of coffee with someone in your sphere is a great way to build a strong relationship with them. I recently read a book about relationships called Never Eat Alone and it was all about building your network. Never eat alone, period. You and your agents always want to have your coffee and lunch outings scheduled. Get in the habit of setting up meetings like this with people in your sphere and it will pay off big time.

Past Client Marketing

When talking about past clients vs. sphere, with past clients we have the Raving Fan Club. With them, we have the five different kinds of touchpoints we’re doing often. The first one is the two monthly Vyral Marketing videos; they’ll help you come up with the topics, and you send it to your past clients and SOI for a total of 24 touches in one year.

Then, you do some type of direct mail, whether it’s a newsletter, postcards, or some other type of hard media. Of course, you also have a market snapshot that goes out once a month. The fourth thing you do is two giveaways -- we do the chocolates and Thanksgiving pies. Lastly, you need to do one or two client events. Renting out a movie theater or inviting people to a baseball game are just a few examples of popular client events in markets all across the country. Altogether this will result in 60 touches to your past clients in your raving fan club. 

No matter how you choose to go about it, the main thing to take away from this is the importance of staying in touch with your sphere and past clients. 

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