How Will You Avoid Training Your Future Competition?


Sophie asks the question, "How can you tell that the buyer agent will not become your competitor once their clients and business reach a certain level?"

This is an awesome question, because I think this is a common dilemma. I know others have input or experiences around this. Here's the thing I know: 90% of the world has no desire to reach their full potential.

So if you're willing to invest this kind of money in yourself and building your business the right way, I'm not talking to you. If you're on this phone call (or this blog) you're not one of those people.

Real estate attracts the vast majority of people that are not achievers. There was someone on our team who thought he worked his butt off, but sold 44 homes for a 90-100+ homes position. He was with us for 3-4 years, so he obviously filled a purpose for us. My second listing hire did 72 sides for us in her second full year. I thought she would truly be my replacement. We parted on good terms.

When I looked at her production, she hustled and she was aggressive. She really went after it, and never missed a transaction fee, etc. Now, she is only doing 18 closings in the last 12 months, and she has two other people on her team. So she's gone from 72 homes to 18, and she's an achiever. It's just a testament to our business model at The Lars Group.

You don't have any competition, so hold true to that. The nature of the business that we're building here in B-School is such that a large majority of the business comes from your efforts. We're at 75% team-generated business this year. So one out of every four deals is from my agents' efforts versus my efforts.

We're building your marketing system around the fact that you're going to be generating the business. Two years ago, 85% of our business was team-generated. We have agents that our loyal to our team, and we're building a culture that people want to be a part of. 

I would just eliminate the thought that you even have competition or that you're in some way training them, because they can't do what you're building out.

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