Leverage Your Admin to Work at a Higher Level


Delegate & Elevate

If you have an admin, you've got to give everything in the bottom two quadrants off to someone else or outsource it, as Dan Sullivan said. You’ve got to find a way to clear stuff out of your world. So get a stack on your desk of stuff you don’t need to deal with and hand that stack off every day. Have a 15-minute meeting, same time every day with an admin to make sure the stack is being handed off and any questions are being answered.

Has anyone attempted to mostly give up email? I promise you, even if you think you can’t, if you have an admin, you should at least give up email 5 days a week from 8-6 or some commitment to not doing email. If you could actually track the amount of time you pick up your phone and check email and you’re going into email and checking notifications. It’s someone else that’s trying to come into your world that you didn’t plan on that day.

Kill Your Email

I get it if you’re working offers you have client communication, but your admin knows what an offer looks like and you just time block from 12-12:30 you’re going to work offers or something like that. You’ve got to get rid of email or make some conscious effort around email. If you really want to elevate and delegate and serve your team, email is not serving your team. Sanebox is a really cool app. Who’s using Sanebox? It knows naturally what is junk and not junk. It makes some decisions for you and you have this folder to review, and then it gets smart and you train it. That will probably cut in half your email time. It’s a really good app.

If you’re a larger team, we have an app called Front, which all the email comes into. Peggy gets all the email from both my real estate company and coaching company and she decides what I need to read. Literally, there could be stuff blowing up, and Kendra has talked to Peggy about what I need to see.

Chari is on Front as well and she’ll get stuff that’s just real estate-related. I probably get a few emails out of a hundred that really need to be in my world.  It sounds like, “Oh, that’s easy for you to say” but I’m telling you that when you make a commitment towards something like that, all that just kind of gets out of your world and you’re like, “Email is not that important.” If you want to impact the world in a great way and you’re spending three hours in email a day, that’s not in congruence. 

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