The Best System to Generate Repeat and Referral Business


The 60 Touch Program is for anyone that knows you and likes you. You can roll out this program to anyone that enters your world. FSBO’s, expired sellers that aren’t ready to list, your sphere, past clients, or anyone else you want to stay in contact with. This is simple database referral marketing. You’ll constantly give to this database in order to get back. 

This is like Keller William’s 33-touch system, but it’s just amped up a bit. Here’s how it works:

  • 24 Vyral Marketing videos per year (2 per month)
  • 12 market snapshots
  • 12 direct mailers
  • 2 events (2 postcards and 1 call) = 6 touches
  • 2 giveaways (2 postcards and 1 call) = 6 touches

If you’re not using Vyral, I highly recommend it. You can do a recruiting blog, a coaching blog, or an educational real estate blog with them. It’s all direct-response with calls to action peppered throughout the text. 

With your direct mail, you can do anything. Newsletters are a little more costly, but they do work well sometimes. You could also do a season’s greetings or a jumbo postcard advertising one of your services. Just make sure you’re sending something of value.

When it comes to your events, it can get expensive so implement them last if you don’t have a large budget. Because these events are so costly, you really have to monetize them in the form of mining for referrals or testimonials for your service. You need to generate a lot of referrals, but since you’re giving your client something, they often give back.

We give away pies on Thanksgiving and chocolates on Valentine's Day. We use generic postcards for these and they’re very low cost. 

The best thing about this system is that once you have it set, all you need to do is send it out. It makes everything else very easy once you have it in place. You just throw a contact in your database and they’ll be contacted 60 different times in a year.

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