Use This Essential Tool to Predict Future Business


Who in here is using the Team Scorecard? Who is not using it? I am telling you - even if you do it manually - I know a lot of you are having trouble with the business tracker, but the team scorecard in there you have to start using. You can use the Google Sheets version of it because it's not very complicated, but you've got to be able to log a thirteen-week rolling and it's leads/set/met/signed/ written/ close on the buy side, leads /set /met /sign /written /close on the listing side.

On a weekly basis, we do Monday through Sunday and we have our meeting on Tuesday. It's a 13-week look back, you're always adding fresh data, and you have goals in there. Everyone has to commit to use that one simple tool. It could be just manually.

For coaching, we have a scorecard and track totally different metrics, and put them in manually every week. Then we just copy it over one week. The 13 weeks ago, that drops off and a fresh week comes in every week. We are looking at the most important metrics in our business every week. I'm going to ask this question again at the next intensive and if you raise your hand that you're not doing it, you will be dismissed. Only because I wish I had that tool years ago.

The concept of that one tool is that you could run your business while you're sitting on a beach. Every week, if you get that scorecard, you'll have a snapshot of where your business is and what the health of your business is. You set the categories of what's important in your business, but we kept it simple in terms of numbers. We know what we need to hit and have averages for the past 13 weeks. Everyone committed to doing that?

The Tracker Takes Care of Itself
They are setting an appointment, they are filling out a yellow sheet and you know about it. You track down the life of that appointment. If you're using the business tracker, you're square, you just have to figure out a way to get the initial appointment in there.

Then someone's got to be relentless about finding out what happened with that appointment. If you're running a static version of it, you're just going to have to figure it out, sit down with your sales people and ask who has a yellow sheet and how many buyers did they actually meet. It's a very practical conversation around the important things that have to happen in your business.

Even if it's that archaic, where there is no form and you're looking people in the eye asking "Where is the loyalty agreement?" There are six yellow sheets, four loyalty agreements, it's not very complicated.

If you do that every week, and you're relentless about it, what are they going to look for every week? They are going to look to set appointments, to meet them, to sign agreements, to write contracts, and to close homes. It's a very simple way to track your business. Obviously, I am a numbers guy so the numbers are easier for me, but it's really disheartening to see five people raise their hand for the employee scorecard, because I know how much of a game changer it is.

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