3 Secrets to Creating Raving Fans


What Does “Raving Fans” Mean?

With increasing importance of word-of-mouth marketing, could you imagine providing a level of customer service not to some customers some of the time, which is kind of what happens in our businesses, right? Most of you can go “No no, we’ve got this covered, we do the reviews and we get 10s.”

I would venture to guess, because it’s true for my team, that some customers some of the time get world-class service from us. But this is to all of the customers all the time, that is so unique that your customers become raving fans of your business, talking about their fantastic experience with your business at every opportunity.

Three Secrets of Raving Fan Customer Service

  1. Decide what your organization wants is the first thing, by determining the type of people focused service your organization will do and will not do. The individuals in your organization develop their own personal touch that is in line with what your organization wants.
  2. Discover on a continuing basis what your customers want, and think about what and how you provide their solutions.
  3. Then implement and improve procedures and policies in order to deliver a little more or “plus one percent” as the book calls it, service, that your customers expect.

So step one, decide what you want. The first step in creating raving fans is deciding what you want to provide your customers and create a vision of perfection set on the customer. Imagine you are the customer and identify every detail of what would make a raving fan experience for you. Right, so using my restaurant analogy, I know at least 10 things that I could have - I guess I’ve become a bit of a restaurant, like a service snob. Not that I treat people badly, but I just notice great service, and average to bad service.

So for each type of customers or each type of product or service, so for buyers and sellers, put yourself in the shoes of the customer from the moment you make contact with the company to the delivery of the service and beyond. What type of experience can you envision changing a customer into a raving fan? 

I’d argue that most of us probably have customers when we’re done, and we don’t have raving fans. So what type of experience would have to happen? The next part is just understanding the customer’s vision in the context of the company’s vision. And this one - we are already - consumers do not think highly of real estate agents, so even if you provide a better than average service, you’re still fighting that uphill battle.

You’ve really got to understand what a customer thinks of real estate agents, but also what they want out of a real estate service. And your vision and their vision may be different. And then, just deliver “plus one,” this is doing everything like going the extra mile for your clients, to every customer what was promised constantly every time every day; promise and deliver.

Level of consistency requires systems, processes, training - I don’t think any of us spend a lot of time training our buyer agents what level of care and standard of service they want delivered to clients all the time. Once consistency is established, a company should continue to focus on improvement. That’s the “plus one percent” of the guideline.

This basically forces you to think about your customer and about customer service as the most important tool building and realizing a successful business strategy, and I think most of as wanting to build this big team, and we - this is true for me - we think of this as a secondary issue. Right? I just need more leads, I need better lead conversion, I need better lead management, but we don’t think of the service we throw these clients into as being the best service that it can possibly be.

Your ability to deliver raving fan service on a consistent basis will determine your long-term success. So you’ve got to read the book. Get the book and read it. Ken Blanchard says:
“Your customers are only satisfied because their expectations are so low and because no one else is doing better. Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you must create raving fans.”
The challenges is for all of you to think about the services you provide to buyers and seller and what you could do to make those services that much better. I’m talking the best real estate services in all the land. In the entire country. How can you provide the best listing services to your clients?

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