The Key to Implementing Money Multiplier Projects


I’m going to start taking you through this last session here. I like this one. The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there. We know we have a lot of work ahead of us. So, the only thing that separates where you are now to where your goals are is your ability to implement. There's nothing that between the coaches at Real Estate B-School, at Stacie’s business, at my business, or in the businesses we’ve seen operating at a high level, there isn’t anything magical out there.

We have everything in Real Estate B-School that you could possibly implement. The challenge is knowing the right time to implement it. It comes down to this concept of just chunking your entire business into 90-days. If you came to the fall intensive, we still have those 10 categories and the one-year planner. You should all still be doing that or if you didn’t come to the intensive you should at least go online and do that part of it.

This is the 90-day world. Your ability to leave here today and know more than 5 projects are you going to implement in the next 90 days. These are like a maybe it would be nice if I implement these. You’ve got to choose the right projects from where you are. There is just from this event, 20 things I could go implement in my own team and I’ve got a pretty cool business. But we’ve already picked our Q2 multiplier projects, so there is nothing else that’s getting in my world for the 2nd quarter. You’ve got to have a discipline around knowing what you’re working on and these are the five things that are going to move you forward in your business in the most significant way in the next 90 days. 

It could be in your notes from here or just think about when we looked at how your business operates. Marketing, sales, operations, finance, and just think about where your business might be lacking. This could be anything. It could be a direct mail program, a buyer lead policy, a bunch of different things. If you’ve got buyer agents that haven’t been trained properly  and there's no structure in their day, it could be something along the lines of having a structured morning and getting everyone to buy in around that. You’ll still have some to-do’s, but these are significant projects that will be paradigm shifts for you. Does anyone not understand multiplier projects?

These are things you're committing to that there’s no excuse if you don’t finish this. On June 20th, these five things are going to be done and implemented in your business, and running. A week or two before the third quarter, you’re picking another five projects. That’s the only thing that’s going to separate where you are today vs. where you are in 90 days or 12 months or three years.

When you think about 3 years from now, you’ve had 12 quarters in 3 years. Five projects, Five game-changing projects over 12 quarters? That’s 60 things implemented in your business. You won’t even recognize who you are as a leader, but it’s just the consistency of being disciplined. The reason why the real estate industry is so jacked up is that we are marketed to so heavily that we’ve all been there that something comes into your world that you’ve never even contemplated and all of a sudden you're a best-selling author or you’re doing a documentary of your team and somehow that’s going to lead to more business and you drop $9,000 on something that wasn’t budgeted or on any multiplier project lists.

You’ve got to be really disciplined and when the market is good, you've to go have a discipline around saving money too. That’s a whole different topic. It’s easier to spend money when the bank accounts are getting full. Just brainstorm everything you can possibly think of, then we’re going to go through a narrowing down process to get it down to five. Go ahead and do that and we’ll narrow it down.

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