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Just like on the buyer's side, it's all about lead management. You've got to have a pipeline mentality, and the same system you use to reach out to people in your database is the same approach you're going to use to reach out to sellers in your database. And so maybe it's not the full 60-touch but it's the full Market Snapshot for sure, it's at least the Vyral videos for sure, and I would say the direct mail.

You probably don't want to invite them to an event. I would probably add them to the pies and to the chocolate giveaways, but make sure they're legitimate leads. Make sure your database is clean if you're going to do that.

There is a seller email drip campaign that actually works pretty well; we run it out of Top Producer. So we use Top Producer for our seller lead management process. I don't care what you use; you can use Boomtown, you can use Commissions Inc, you just need something that can do email drips. I like the market snapshot feature because it has me as the - those listing alerts are pretty powerful if you've ever seen them in Top Producer.

So here is what we use for drip emails. There's also a USP version of this. I've got two versions, it's real simple, you can just swipe and deploy these. I haven't gone deep and tested these to the extent that they could be, but this is something that works really well. 

This is in addition to the market snapshot, the 12 direct, and the 24 videos. So they're getting content. You're becoming an expert in their mind. And there's just a link to to buyer search engine and pretty much everyone has a testimonial on it, so it's a pretty good format. You can swipe at that. ABC steps in Top Producer, same thing. If they're hot to list it's every week, if they're 30 to 90, 14, and 90 to 180, it's every 30 days.

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