Break Out of Your Comfort Zone to Capture Growth


This next piece we’re going to do is probably going to make some of you uncomfortable, but I’m going to do it anyway. So this is a true high performer. I’m all about data so I went out and hired this holistic bio-hacking coach. I learn so much about how the body works.

So we got these test results back. I did like 10 different tests with blood work and some other crazy stuff that you guys think I’m beyond nuts that I did. So this one came back and I was going through it with my coach. He’s like, “you know, you can see the low range.” With every test, there’s a low range and a high range. You don’t want to be in either, you want to be in the middle of that. It’s not good if you’re low or high.

So this was cortisol, which I guess is the hormone that’s released when you’re stressed. So yeah, the dials are 100 to 225 and I’m 508. It’s a urine test, five times, during the day that measures your level of cortisol.

There’s a bunch of bad things that can happen if high levels of cortisol are sustained for a long period of time. 508 compared to 225 is not good. 100 to 115 is the range and I’m 508. That’s just a 24 hour measure of the cortisol of my body. That’s not good. It can lead to diabetes, excess fat - just bad stuff over time. If you haven’t had a test like this, I highly recommend it. You can send away for it. I forget the company that does it, but you don’t have to go to the doctor for it. It’s not an expensive test.

I also learned for a lot of these tests, some of them you needed a doctor to prescribe a test and get the kit. But some of these kits, you go online and order the kit. They have any test now and you go with a box. You can be like, “I just want this test done.” You can be your own doctor basically, which is really cool.

I got this back and this is not a take-a-pill-to-make-it-go-away thing. I’m not a take-a-pill kind of guy anyway. This is just a process of clearing your mind. I would venture to guess, I definitely work a 40 hour work week. I truly work one day a week at my real estate company, but I’m thinking business all the time.

I do some of my Fridays a little bit lighter. I try to have a little personal time on Fridays. I think my mind is spinning all the time in business, so I think I just have to get out of that mode. It’s obviously showing up that this isn’t going to be good for me over time. What I’ve learned about meditation and clearing your mind and the positive effects of doing that, as hard charges, it’s just not in our natural state to do any of this.

All major business leaders that mediate as a daily practice. This is a little different than if you’re a believer and you’re praying. This is different than that. You should still do that time. This is potentially another thing for you to do if you have high levels like I do, which I suspect some people in this room that would show up like that but you just don’t know it.

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