HIGH PERFORMANCE CALL: How to Start Each Day to Maximize Your Productivity

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In this clip from our latest High Performance Call we cover the 1-Page Productivity Planner you can fill out to start getting the most out of each day.

The key to this planner, or other similar tools like my DYD Lite, is to do it before getting absorbed into everyone else's daily agendas. That means right when you wake up, before checking email, before handling any "responsive" tasks that could lead you astray from your goals for the day.

In High Performance Coaching, we are always focusing on our next 90 days. We choose the 3 most important projects to undertake in your business over those next three months. It's crucial to not overload yourself during this step, to spread yourself to thin. You'll end up trying to do so much that you're really accomplishing very little.

Each morning, write out those 3 main tasks and for each one describe the 5 big things you need to do do keep that project moving forward.

The next concept is the people you need to reach out to. Rather than checking email right away and falling into the "black hole" of responding to others, list the people you need to contact that day no matter what. Next create a list of people you need something from in order to move your business forward.

Finally, address your priorities. What needs to be done that day no matter what, and in which order do those tasks need to be completed? List the priorities and to-dos and DO these things before getting trapped in your inbox and other people's agendas.

Watch this clip to see how to plan your agenda each morning to ensure you are constantly moving forward on your goals.

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