Q&A MEMBERS CALL: "What Materials Should I Include in My Pre-Listing Packets?"

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On this Q&A Members Call, I had a client working on building out a pre-listing packet, and he was wondering how much information he should include. I am continually adding more and more to my pre-list packet. I firmly believe that the more quality content you can get the seller to consume before you end up at the property the better. This is doubly important if you are not the one going on the appointment.

I use a combination of materials, including:
  • The Lars Group Resume
  • Real Estate Experts Today mock press release
  • Maximum Payoff Guide
  • Guaranteed Sales System
  • 151 Step System
  • Pricing Guide
  • Radio Endorsement Inserts
I put these all together very nicely in a very presentable format with a Pre-List Cover letter, and I think the more the better. If they read it - great, you're that much further ahead of the competition. But even if the seller doesn't read it, they will be impressed by your preparation and presentation. It's a win-win for you.

Watch this video to see a brief overview of the materials I include in my pre-listing appointment packets.

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