Q&A MEMBERS CALL: "Is it Necessary to Track Buyer Agent Statistics Every Day?"

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Many companies swear by compiling up-to-the-minute, visible data to track agent productivity.

What's my opinion? I don't think it's worth most real estate business owners' time tracking agent statistics on a daily basis. Of course it's important to track stats like number of dials, spoke tos, or appointments set, but we review those numbers once a week in our buyer agent meeting.

Limiting this to a weekly activity not only ensures that your numbers will be substantial enough for a full-blown report, but it also gives you the time to sufficiently review and analyze what the numbers tell you about your business. And that's the whole point of any tracking system in the first place.

Watch this video to see how I use my Buyer Specialist Success Tracker to hold my agents accountable as far as tracking their prospecting, follow-up, contacts made, and appointments set.

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