How Matt Greco is Gaining Momentum in a Brand New Market

"He's the very best coach in the industry right now beyond any shadow of a doubt. We're gaining a lot of momentum in this market; my lead gen systems are packed full of opportunities. This is going to be a really big growth year for us."

After shifting to a new market, Matt Greco ( was finding it harder than expected to gain footing. He was at a transition point in his business and was looking to reestablish the market share he was after. Seeking a better way of getting out and finding new business, he reached out to Lars, who he had met and befriended through a different coaching program.

"I had the privilege of seeing his business take off from being a brand new single agent to where he's at now," says Matt. "I'd seen first hand what he had done, and it was a natural fit."

Matt's first action steps with Lars included implementing a strong online buyer lead generation system, as well as creating a system for going after expired listings. And even after over a year of coaching, he still considers those 2 of the main cornerstones of his business right now.

"We're definitely gaining a lot of momentum in this market, closing sales in this market. My online buyer lead gen system is packed full of opportunities. I'm really excited  - this is going to be a really big growth year for us."

Matt's focus is on building out a true business leveraged through others, and that's something that drew him to Lars when it came to real estate coaching.

"That's one fundamental difference between Lars and a lot of coaches. He is a guy that walks the talk, and it shows in what he's able to provide coaching clients. He's achieved what very few people in this industry have, and he can teach it.

"They're very turn-key systems, so it's really cut-and-paste. It's not something that you have to recreate."

While he's still in the throes of transforming his business, he's able to see the big picture of the type of business he's creating for himself.

"I can see that not only is there greater income on the horizon," says Matt, "but also more time to do things I really want to do. Even now, some of the lead capture and automation systems have freed me up from being so glued to my phone and email. I'm able to better separate work time from family time."

Recently his experience at October's High Performance Intensive Workshop in Charlotte caught him by surprise - in a good way. He expected what you'd learn at other real estate conferences - new shiny objects to chase down.

"But what we really got down to was focusing on what's important to us in our business and personal lives. We were refining and simplifying documents that will make it very easy for us to focus on our highest priorities. I got a lot out of it."

Much like Lars, Matt has a clearly defined vision for what he wants his business to become.

"I'd like to be completely out of day-to-day production, with a team consisting of 3 full-time administrators and a half-dozen listing specialists. I'm not working every day in my business, no longer having direct contact with any buyer or seller clients.

"The big picture is being able to have a business that truly serves me and my family."

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