COACHING TIP: How to Protect Your Mind from Negative Influences


I'll do this real quick, Protect Your Mind. I'm sure the guys are not going to like me here, but I don't do sports. I don't watch any news. Remember the two cruise ships that sunk around the same time, about two weeks apart? It was about a month after the second one that I even knew about any of them.

Go on a Media Diet

I don't think that stuff is valuable. I think that Facebook is really tough. If you're using Facebook very specifically - for this business, for me, there is a use for Facebook. To reach out to people, to connect with people, I can always get someone. But just in general, make sure you're using it for what it's intended.

There are some really crazy stats on Facebook. The average user spends hours per day on there.

A couple good programs, has anyone done Darren Hardy Living Your Best Year Ever? It's really good. I'd suggest you guys get it, even the journal. I'm going to give you guys a journal at the end of this thing so you can implement this stuff with regularity. With his thought process, he's just a Nothing is Complicated kind of guy. It's just doing little things every day.

Audience: Insane Productivity was really good.

You went through that? And that was $1,000? 

Audience: I think I paid $1,500 for it. It was well worth it, though. It was great.

How to Feed Your Mind the Right Way

Even a guy like Jim Rohn sells one of his 4-day weekends recorded for like $97. That's just wisdom; overall business wisdom. It's too easy not to do.

Obviously I'm digging Brendan Burchard these days. He's very practical, the founder of High Performance Academy. The guy made $4.6 million in 18 months. He was on the verge of bankruptcy. He just created himself. He had a major accident, a near death experience, and just leveraged that into just swimming in money.

And Tony Robbins has a 3-part ultimate edge. It's $300 on his site, but you can get it on Amazon for $200. It's really, really awesome. It's the original Personal Power, it's Get the Edge, and Inner Strength. It's really good.

If you guys are listening to the radio - it's actually cool; it was fun the other night listening to music. I don't do music either. I've always got something on in the car. It's always filling my head up with really good stuff. Anything you can think about, you'll know what you're weak in coming out if here, whether it's relationships, whether it's health. There's material on all that.

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