B-SCHOOL COACHING CALL: Are You Laying the Foundation for a World Class Organization?


Regardless of the size of your team, we’re going to teach is going to be the foundation for how you function as a team. I’m going to cover it briefly here, but we’re going to do it more in depth at the Team Advance. 

Some of the stuff that I put in place here is stuff that we’ve been doing, and we’ve been operating against a vision and a mission and all those good things. But we’ve not quite done it to another level. If I took my real estate team outside of the real estate industry, I would want it to be a world-class organization, not just a really great real estate team.

In our industry, it doesn’t take a lot to be a really great real estate team. And I only say it that way because it allows me to realize that there’s a whole other level to what we’re going after.

And the way I’m going to organize this is so it will be as turnkey as possible. And this is going to go through every bit of the training materials that you bring your agents into, the whole vision, mission, which translates into your culture, and you’re hiring against these things.

I want to step through the five Cs here and then the four key disciplines. 


I covered a little bit of John Wooden. I’ve not read a lot of his stuff, but it’s pretty awesome. This is really, really cool. I’ve changed our core disciplines to our core commitments. I like commitments better. So it’s a focus on new business every day. Hot and heavy for new business every day. 

Our sales process on both the buying side and the listing side, breaking that sales process down to every bit of what it takes to take a lead into a prospect into a client and what that process and experience looks like.

The client experience – so once they’re a client of our firm, what happens, from signing a listing agreement or a buyer loyalty agreement to getting under contract. And then delivering that in such a way that they are absolutely raving fans and there’s lifetime value.

And then went into some core habits and training our agents to implement these tools, core habits, and rituals:

Personal productivity
Positive focus
Social media
Note cards - old school note cards
Being a market expert

And then I brought this example of the one-page strategic plan up there, because I realize that I made this plan. But I’ve not really done a great job of sharing it.

And so the focus for this year, and there’s a big prize associated with it if my team hits it is, I wanted to do $100M in volume, but it’s 400 transactions at $240K average price point, $96M written volume. And the way I project it, we should hit it by the end of November.

Every single principle that I share with all of you applies to a team of 3-4 people, as it does to my team of 7 agents, 4 staff, and 2 inside sales people. So there’s nothing here that won’t apply to your team.

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