Q&A MEMBERS CALL: How to Manage Relationships with Potential Buyers


A separate question – our main buyer agent is producing great appointments, but he doesn’t bring all of them to the office to consult first meeting. So I don’t get to meet all of them. I’ve started sending custom video emails to the clients to introduce myself. Is this a good idea, or should I direct my agent to bring them?

Good, Better, Best Scenarios

There are a best/better/good case scenarios. It’s good to go out on a showing appointment. It’s not the best.   But if you get a buyer on the phone and they want to look at a property and you’re feeling good about it, they’ve answered your qualifying questions okay, and you go for the in-office, and for some reason it doesn’t work. That’s good.

Getting in front of a buyer in any setting is good. Attaching a couple other houses to it and meeting in a coffee shop beforehand is definitely better.

Getting them in the office is best. It would be great if you could get every buyer into the office. That would be great. But it’s not realistic. It doesn’t happen. It probably happens 1/3 of the time for us.

I’ve really let up on this, because some of my agents are really good at getting in front of people and converting them to deals. We’ve been really successful at converting showing appointments into deals. Not all of my agents, but a couple of them in particular can get in front of a qualified buyer – so we don’t do it for everybody. We have a lot of qualifiers around it.

Leveraging Yourself

Brian, you don’t want to meet everybody. You just want all of the communications to be from the team. And they’ll get a feel. Like, I don’t meet anybody. I don’t send out any video email. I don’t sweat about whether my agents are owning that relationship.

Because they’re going to hear from me, 60x a year, forever. My closing coordinator is communicating with them on behalf of Lars and The Lars Group and our team here at RE/MAX. We appreciate your business.

We send out the customer survey from The Lars Group. So don’t get involved in trying to manage that relationship. That’s the leverage. That’s why you want a buyer agent. 

So your agent just how to know that there’s a best/better/good and avoid the one-off showing appointments as much as possible. But sometimes that’s all you can get. 

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