B-SCHOOL COACHING CALL: How Closely Are You Tracking Team Goals?


I wanted to make a comment on knowing the score. This is something I just started recently in the last two months. I've been more consistent about letting my team know what the score is. So this is our goal if you look at this chart here.

Knowing the Score

This is basically a chart of goal and actual volume. Our written goal for volume is $102 million this year. Then in terms of units that's around 421 units. Having this in front of my team and them knowing what the score is is really, really important for us to hit our goal, which is $96 million written. I backed a little bit off the $102 million, and we're going to Mexico as a team when we achieve that goal.

I just want to make a comment. Some of you go through a planning process and set goals that may or may not include the agents' goals. And then you don't really keep that in front of your agents. We're actually starting to email the entire team every time a contract is written and updating this chart up here.

Tracking Team Goals

Right now we're at $16.3M, so if you were to straight-line $96 million without seasonality, it's $8 million per month. Right now, I think we did a couple deals over the weekend. Those aren't included in here, but we're at $16.3 million. So we're actually tracking at $8 million/month, even though January and February typically are slower months for our market.

For the quarter our goal is $21.5 million. We're going to blow through that pretty easily, considering it's only the second day of March.

I just wanted to make a comment on that because I just started doing it recently and everyone is dialed in and knows exactly what's going on with team projections.

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