How Ryan Anderson Built a Powerhouse Buy Side Business Replicating Proven Systems

"I've stepped out of the buy side business. We've basically just put our blinders on and imitated what Lars has done. You're following a real leader who's actually done it. It'll be the best money for coaching you've ever spent. It's all there."

By late 2013, Denver Realtor Ryan Anderson ( was ready to leave the producer model of real estate behind. In addition to simply being burned out, he also knew that if he wanted a real retirement plan, he'd need to build a business that actually worked for him.

"I was running around serving every client," Ryan says. "That got tiresome because there's no boundaries. What Lars helped with was creating boundaries for your time."

After beginning coaching with Lars in early 2014, Ryan made room in his business for two buyer's agents that provided Ryan some much-needed relief. To go with his new hires, Ryan also enlisted Lars's help building out his buyer platform so the work wasn't just getting done - it was getting done in a sustainable way without Ryan's direct involvement.

"I've stepped out of the buy side business," says Ryan. "Now I'm focusing on listings. It's a lot more manageable. Having agents that actually lead generate instead of the ISA model has been a big piece of what we're trying to implement."

With his focus now shifted to listings, Ryan's been able to employ Lars's step-by-step process for building his seller platform so he can exiting the listing side in much the same way.

Ryan attributes much of the success he's seen on the program to his trust in Lars's systems - because he's witnessed firsthand Lars's massive success following those very systems.

"We've basically just put our blinders on and imitated what Lars has done. He's not just a coach - he's actually doing it for real and stepped out of his business."

So as Ryan builds out the listing side of his business, he knows there's plenty of work to be done to implement all four stages of Lars's Blueprint.

"But it's really up to me to implement it. It's all there."

At Lars's High Performance Intensive workshop in October, Ryan was able to lay out not only his goals for the year, but his daily and weekly tasks that would help get him there.

"It was amazing," recalls Ryan. "I was able to memorialize what I wanted to do every day, and I've been following that. We implemented our vision boards as a group, we're looking at the vision every day, and now sticking to the Dominate Your Day sheet. It's about having a written plan and taking massive action."

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