COACHING TIP: 7 Traits You Should Look for in Your Next Hire


I have a few specifics that I look for in a buyer's agent.

Past record of achievement. I don't care if you were the captain of your track team, etc. A track record of achievement - you're a winner. I think it's okay to say that there are winners in the world, and there are whatever you want to call the other people. Learners.

So that's the number one thing - are they a winner?

Would you buy a home from them? I look back on the people I had on my team that aren't with my team anymore and think oh man, that was a mistake.

Primary income earner. So everyone on my team is the primary income earner.

Personality is the other one. Hiring a buyer's agent that's a 99-D (on the DiSC personal assessment tool), it's just a tough thing. I don't there can be too many D's on a team. So personality I think comes into it.

And now the filter is pretty clear. So there may be a fifth and sixth thing for you, but if you look at people that haven't worked out, and you look at your filters and they're non-negotiable, I promise you there's one thing on that list that didn't fit.

Mid- to lower-D, high I, no C's. I've had C's on my team that just overcomplicate everything. They make cross-sales, internal sales difficult. C's as buyer agents are tough.

Audience: You gave me seven actually:
  1. Past record of achievement / winner
  2. Integrity / professional appearance
  3. Primary income earner
  4. Willing to work
  5. Understands accountability
  6. No personal drama / stable family life
  7. Mid-D, High-I, high economic value, high political value
Yeah, so the drama is a tough one to flesh out before you get to know somebody. But that's kind of one of those things that I just don't want drama. Some of this stuff, you're going to find out afterwards. So it's a quick-to-fire kind of thing. But the willingness to work hard - once you have the buyer system in place, it's different than your agents having done nothing for two years and then all of a sudden you're like "Okay, we're going to do daily or weekly accountability."

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