HIGH PERFORMANCE COACHING CALL: How to Raise Your Level of Competence in Any Area of Your Life


The point of this tool is for you, before you go down a path, to get an assessment of if you're going to go through and do what's required of you to be successful. The human drive toward competence is what makes us want to understand, succeed at and master every area of our lives. The assessment on the following page is designed to help you quickly identify your level of competence in any given area of your life and gauge whether or not you will even try to accomplish and master something. 

Why the need for this assessment?

A lack of competence in any area of your life can seriously hurt your future. Here's what educational psychologists and human performance coaches know about competence. 

So, there's a bunch of categories, and I think it's 10 categories. Basically, below are several categories to consider when trying to access your will, competence, or likelihood of taking on or successfully completing any given challenge in life. With each category give your yourself a rating of 1-10 as described. After you complete all categories and scaling, find out your overall score and its implications by adding all of your ratings. 

Let's pick an example here, like opening your own brokerage could be one, or I think I did this, and when I did it, it was really low. But I forget what I did. Growing a team is a good one, so say you're a solo agent and getting to the point where you have a fully leveraged team could be a good one. 

Future IdentityIs this goal or activity relevant to your future identity to how I see myself and what I see myself doing over the long-term in the future. Very much is a 10, and no - not at all is a 1. So, for you growing a team like my team, if you don't see yourself in production, working with buyers and sellers, and you want to be a business leader instead, your future identity would be a 9 or a 10 there. If you love production and don't want the responsibility of growing a team, then you would be a 1 or a 2. 

Intrinsic Value. Is this goal or activity something that I am passionate about, would enjoy doing, feel proud about, and sense contributes meaningfully? Would I do this regardless of money, status, recognition or power? For me, running my real estate business and doing it one day a week is like a challenge and I love it. I love running a business and I love helping people improve their lives and their businesses. For starting my coaching company, that was a 10 for me. 

Utilitarian Value. Is this goal or activity something that will lead to a useful outcome for me? Will I get something useful in life out of doing this? For most of you, building a team would be a 10 because you would get more freedom. 

Opportunity cost. In pursuing this goal or activity, can I avoid losing out on other things that I find important? Can I do this without costing too much time, energy, effort, resources, and willpower needed elsewhere? This is a tough one because building systems can be a tricky thing, so there may be some mixed feelings as you're scoring things. 

Delay time. Is this goal or activity going to have quick and recognizable results that I can enjoy soon? Absolutely.

Personal Control. Is this goal or activity something that you will be able to make happen by my own efforts? For the most part, you are all able to achieve a fully-leveraged business. 

Social Support. Is this goal or activity something people will support me on? Will others provide direction and cheer leading when I attempt this? If you have a family and kids, I would imagine this would be a 100% yes. 

Bandwidth Belief. Is this goal or activity something I will have enough time and focus to do a good job at? Again, this is kind of like the opportunity cost one. Maybe a little bit of mixed feelings for this one.

Resource Availability. Will I have the resources I'll need to successfully accomplish this job? You should. You should feel like I am your biggest cheerleader and one of your biggest resources to achieve what you want to achieve.

Autonomy. Will I be given the trust and decision-making authority I need to feel as though I'm in control and able to make things happen? For you, entrepreneurs, that's a 10 if you're self-employed.

So, when you score it, if your score isn't at least a 75, should you give up and not proceed? Well, not really. Your score has to be 75 or greater to feel excited about your goal to actually follow through on it.

This is something Brendan developed and I think it's good for some big decisions in your life.

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